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Arif Hasan - Best SEO & SMM Expert in Bangladesh

Who am I?

Your expert SEO & SMM partner

I am Arif Hasan, one of the best SEO & SMM experts in Bangladesh. In my one-year career, I have gained considerable knowledge and competence in this essential area of SEO & SMM. In today’s digital landscape, effective SEO & SMM is the cornerstone of the visibility and success of a website. A website without SEO & SMM is similar to a ship without a sailor, lacking both aesthetics and purpose. My ambition to be an excellent SEO & SMM expert in Bangladesh was a clear goal from the beginning of my  marketing career. As a professional, I am characterized by youthful energy, inherent talent, and an indisputable commitment to excellence. My dedication is reflected in the high quality of work I consistently offer to my clients. Excellence in service is not only my promise; it is my standard.

Arif Hasan _Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh
— Arif Hasan

My Career Journey

In my introduction to the marketing sector, I quickly recognized the imperative need for competence in the required skills. Regardless of the specific area I was oriented towards, fundamental knowledge was paramount. With a clear goal of specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM), I began a careful search for the best SEO & SMM courses within Bangladesh. This search culminated in my enrollment in a comprehensive marketing course in Ostad Platform. 

During an intensive ten-month education journey, I immersed myself in the multifaceted world of marketing. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including SEO, Facebook and Google advertising strategies, sales funnel development, web analytics, Google Data Studio, and social media marketing techniques.

Then through dedication and hard work, I honed my SEO & SMM skills into a sharp edge. I applied my newly discovered knowledge to optimize my website, using it as a practical test site for the strategies I had acquired. My skills developed daily, fueled by practical experience and the solution to real-time challenges encountered on various websites. This practical approach improves not only my skills but also my problem-solving skills. The most satisfying aspect of this journey is to witness the tangible results of my efforts: my website now climbs to the top of Google rankings. This achievement not only validates my skills but also serves as a testimony to the practical application of my SEO & SMM expertise.

My Services, Your Solution

On-Page SEO & Off -Page SEO

  • Collaborate with you to establish digital marketing objectives.
  •  Develop a comprehensive SEO plan together
  • Perform detailed keyword research
  •  Conduct competitor assessments
  •  Improve on-page elements for SEO optimization
  •  Apply off-page SEO techniques

Technical SEO

  • Optimize a website’s technical elements to enhance visibility and performance in search engines
  • Fixing web design flaws
  • Improving website structure
  • Enhance site speed
  • Ensure mobile-friendliness
  • Optimize crawl ability and indexing
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Address other key technical SEO factors

Local SEO

  • As a local SEO expert, I assert your superior position in SERP results 
  • Appear in the Local Map Pack
  •  Make adjustments for local searches
  •  Refine Google My Business
  •  Set up and fine-tune citations
  •  Create content specifically designed for certain locations

Ecommerce SEO

  • Improve sales on your eCommerce platform
  •  Raise conversion rates through strategic SEO methods
  •  Enhance product optimization
  • Improve site structure
  •  Utilize advanced analytics
  •  Increase brand recognition

Social Media Marketing

  • Define audience, voice, & goals across social platforms.
  • Craft content, schedule, & interact on social platforms.
  • Implement strategies & collaborate with influencers.
  • Track performance & adjust based on data.
  • Trends, budgets, integrate marketing channels. 

Digital Marketing

  • Develop data-driven plans for online channels.
  • Manage paid ads for social media, email marketing, & more.
  • Track performance & refine strategies for growth.
  •  Create compelling content & foster audience interaction.
  • Adapt to industry trends & emerging technologies.

My Skills and Expertise

Increase your online presence with the expertise of one of the best SEO & SMM Experts in Bangladesh. I can be your go-to SEO & SMM expert in Bangladesh to optimize your website for local and global success.

As one of the best SEO & SMM experts in Bangladesh, I deeply understand search engine & social media  algorithms and keep up with the latest industry trends. My specialty is enhancing your website’s visibility and driving organic traffic by crafting customized strategies that align with your business goals. By focusing on meticulous keyword research, precision in on-page optimization, strategic link building, and insightful analytics, I not only ensure that your website climbs search engine rankings but also maximize its potential for success. I remain vigilant of emerging trends and algorithm updates across various social media platforms, enabling me to craft targeted strategies that resonate with the audience and drive meaningful interactions.

Make the smart choice for your online business – select me as your dedicated SEO & SMM expert in Bangladesh. Together, we’ll propel your website & social media to the top, ensuring that your online presence resonates powerfully in the local and global digital landscape.

Hire me as SEO & SMM Expert from Bangladesh

I am the right person from Bangladesh to give you a satisfying SEO & SMM service. With a deep understanding of search engine optimization & social media marketing techniques and algorithms and a year of hands-on experience, I can help businesses in Bangladesh enhance their online visibility and drive organic traffic to their websites, increase visibility and engagement across various social media platforms. My expertise encompasses keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and comprehensive SEO audits to ensure a holistic approach to improving search rankings. I build brand awareness through strategic social media management, ensuring your brand shines brightly in the digital landscape.  By staying abreast of the latest industry trends and algorithm updates, I am well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing and deliver results that contribute to the success of businesses in Bangladesh.